Dart, Optimate Huntress

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Dart Huntress.jpg
Dart, Optimate Huntress lives in the midfield and wants to hunt down enemy skirmishers and specialists. She has a toolbox of skills to let her do that, but lacks any ability to be a specialist herself.

Dart Huntress Profile.png

Offensive Tools

The Submachine gun and viral tac bow will be doing the majority of work for Dart. With those two she covers the three major needs of a huntress:

  • AP ammo for heavily armed targets (submachine gun)
  • Shock ammo with good burst for grunt infantry (submachine gun)
  • Viral ammo for a scary ARO or the occasional stealth attack (Tactical bow)

She adds on camouflage and MSV1 for additional hunting prowess, but she is strictly close-range. Camouflage gives Dart stealth and surprise shot (important for maneuver), while MSV1 gives her the ability to hunt other skirmishers and ARO pieces.

Her pistol and CCW are backups that are more for support than ever being plan A.

The only choice she has in profile is antipersonnel mines or E/M grenades. The grenades are good if she's hunting heavy infantry, remotes, or TAGs. Antipersonnel mines allow her to booby trap the midfield against light specialists as she works. Pick whichever one fills a gap in your list or a weakness in your list. Given how many tools Aleph has to eliminate light infantry models, the E/M grenades are never a bad default choice.

Defensive Tools

Stealth, camouflage, BTS3/bioimmunity (meaning you can take shock damage against your BTS instead of armor), and two effective wounds gives her great survivability. Put her up against any single target that isn't using a direct template weapon (or make sure you're out of direct template range) and have fun. Don't expect her to survive against multiple AROs and multiple saves. Her second wound is there to protect her against flukes and crits, not make her into a tank.

Special Tricks

Dart has a dense stack of skills, and all of them are important. Critically, she has V:NWI an Bioimmunity meaning she'll always get to use her second wound. Everything else she has is built around that. From there Dart has forward deployment, camouflage, close range weapons, and MSV1. She wants to hunt anything and everything, and likely has a way to get into advantageous mod positions against them.

While she lacks things that synergizes well with other models, she's also one of the few profiles in OSS that doesn't need any support to pull off her primary mission. Vanilla has more options that are self sufficient, but you'll still struggle to find a more points efficient, two wound hunter that's as effective as Dart.

Her tactical bow allows her to make stealth attacks at targets she manages to get behind, and BS13 gives her a good chance to hit. If you find yourself in that position against most infantry outside of a fireteam (because of sixth sense), use the stealth shot. In good range she's hitting on 16s, gets a second chance if she misses the first time, and causes 2 BTS saves if it hits.


Be prepared to sacrifice direct template models to take her on, or have a dedicated camo hunting unit. Close-range fireteams can also take her on, but she's tougher than she looks. If possible though, know that you can ignore her if she's out of position. Without specialist skills, she won't be contributing to the mission outside of eliminating your models.

List Composition

Dart fits into any list that needs a midfield skirmisher capable of going toe-to-toe with just about anything. She's not a specialist, just a hunter. She's especially effective when you need something that can strike at your opponent quickly, and have already built your list to support other elements. Dart can survive on her own, which makes her extremely versatile in a list.


Forward deploy her up in total cover and in her camo state. Pick a side of the board that looks vulnerable, and make sure she's in a position to strike forward rapidly into your opponent's backline. Rely on your opponent being concerned about a KHD or monofilament Naga, then start pushing Dart up the board after your opponent ignores her. Don't put her into an ARO position unless you can make sure she'll be in good range bands.

Active Turn Role

Dart is a huntress, and her profile perfectly fits her name. Pick out a model that's been badly positioned and eliminate it with her skills. Take out midfield specialists, attack pieces stranded partway up the board, or impetuous troops after their turn ends.

ARO Options

Dart's premier ARO options are suppressive fire with her submachine gun (cover, camo, sf, for a total -9), and snap fire with her viral tac bow. She wants to be as far up the board as possible, getting as close as possible with her weapons. This puts her at threat for direct template weapons, which suppressive fire won't help with. Make sure she's in a spot where she (or a covering ARO piece) can see those kind of models coming.