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The Daktari is the default doctor for nomads

Daktaris Profile.png

Offensive Tools

Combi rifle can enter suppressive fire.

Defensive Tools

Arm 1: normal light infantry armor.

BTS 0: not great, but what do you expect for 14 points?

PH 10: not great at dodging but might be a better option when facing negative mods.

Special Tricks

Can heal units with the doctor skill. This can be applied through a servant Zondbot. If your target has a cube you can spend a command token to re-roll.

Has a medikit: this is not the recommended option unless you're desperate, we are not blessed with high PH and this doesn't allow a re-roll with a command token. The only exception is warbands, but remember, you still need to roll to hit them first.


Shoot her, she dies fairly easily.

If deployed too close to another target shoot the softest available target with a template weapon and catch the other one in the blast.

Finish off targets with wounds to stop her from recovering them.

List Composition

Temp. blank


Usually out of sight close to something that may need healing later on (ARO pieces typically, I'm looking at you, sin eater). If said piece is on a building, being prone is usually a good choice. Stay outside of blast template range. If you can within 2" so you can move prone into B2B in a single short skill, although this puts you in blast template range. The same recommendations go for the helper Zondbot, with the only difference that it can't go prone.

Active Turn Role

Early on in the game her primary role will be to heal things. Later on in the game she may need to move up to (re)capture objectives.

ARO Options

Combi in suppressive fire is the best option you have.