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Despite being Remotes, Dakini Tacbots are Aleph's equivalent of basic Line Infantry. To make up for the threats REMs are vulnerable to, they gain an increased move and mimetism. Overall, they are solid choices for the backbone of your force and order pool.

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Offensive Capabilities

While Dakinis lack some of the traditional heavy weapons of a grunt infantry able to join a link team, they gain a light grenade launcher and maintain the HMG:

  • Combi-rifle: as you'd expect with nothing special. Mimetism helps on the active turn and burst 4 in a link, otherwise unspectacular (but not bad).
  • HMG: A great attack platform on a 6-4 mov mimetism platform. Even better in a link team. Consider this Dakini as a back-up or second-string attack platform in both vanilla and OSS.
  • LGL: A bit weak outside of an OSS link, it can still be a good speculative fire weapon or light infantry hunter. Weigh this option against the SWC cost of an HMG if you're looking for an active piece.
  • Multi-sniper: Still great, and mimetism helps. Probably better as an ARO piece, and more SWC than the HMG, but it's worth it.

As with most line infantry equivalents, you're going to be equipping each Dakini for the range band you intend to attack at. They lack powerful close-range weapons and don't have a boarding shotgun profile. Instead, Dakinis are better at ranged hunting using cover and their mimetism. OSS core links can mitigate some of those challenges with other units, but remember what Dakinis are best at.

Defensive Capabilities

Mimetism and BTS3 are the Dakini's main defensive measures. Because they're REMs they don't fall prone when hit, have a native -3 to dodge, and are universally vulnerable to hacking. In return, you get an extra level of unconscious in case you brought along an engineer to repair them.

In ARO, the Multi-sniper and light grenade launcher are your best options. Especially in an OSS core link.

As with their offensive capabilities, the Dakinis are better at range than up close. They will rely on other units to protect them up close and want to stay around repeaters for defense against hacking.

Special Tricks

Being REMs, you can pair them with a hacker (or two) for supportware. This makes a dangerous, cheap unit even more dangerous. In Vanilla you can bring them up to the ARO power of a link team with Overclock, or make them even more dangerous with Marksmanship.


Dakini Tacbots are vulnerable to everything a normal light infantry, and light infantry links are vulnerable to. Additionally they're scared of E/M ammo and moderately concerned about hackers. Setting your hackers up to safely ARO with something like Carbonite is the least dangerous way to cause them trouble. Mimetism adds to their annoyance factor, but remember that most of the profiles are short ranged and lack killing power. If you can get around the heavy weapon(s), you can start picking off the normal Dakinis.

Also remember that they're REMs, so their dodge is at an automatic -3 to start.

List Composition

Dakini can fit into just about any list, but excel when supported by other units. Use Dakini as quick flankers, throwaway attack pieces, or surprise hardpoints against your opponent and they will serve you well. Relying on them to solo attack, or expecting an OSS core to be invulnerable, will be a mistake.


Keeping them in cover is important, but not as vital thanks to their mimetism. Since they can't go prone, make sure you leave prime spots for other troops to occupy first, then fill in your deployment with Dakini.

If you're running a full core in OSS, positioning to defend against templates will be even more critical than usual because of the native -3 to dodge.

Active Turn Role

Dakini can serve just about any role you need them to. Their WIP is a bit low at 13 compared to other specialist options, but they have enough ways to boost their ballistic skill, order efficiency, resiliency, and weapon options to fill gaps in your list and provide whatever active turn piece you need.

ARO Options

The light grenade launcher and Multi-sniper will be your best ARO options depending on whether you want templates (LGL) or long range punch (MSR). Be sure to back them up with a hacker or Apsara to make them even more dangerous.