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Offensive Tools

Camouflaged, Infiltrating Heavy Infantry is a dream. This is basically a cheaper version of a Hac Tao with less Camouflage lower skills (CC-3 BS-1 WIP-1 ARM-1 and BTS-3) and armor. Deploying forward in Camouflage form will keep the enemy guessing and when the Daofei is finally revealed his Camouflage, high PH-14 and decent ARM-3 with W-2 will make him hard to remove. When he reveals himself he will get Surprise Shot benefits as well making him a very nasty threat.

Since he is likely to be within 16" of the enemy with Infiltration the MULTI Rifle profile seems like a great value. Add the Assault Hacking Device for 6 points and SWC 0.5 and suddenly he is a double threat.

Defensive Tools

Special Tricks

The assault hacking device profile has great synergy with the popular Guilang profile (Forward Observer + deployable repeater).


List Composition


Active Turn Role

ARO Options