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The Croc Men are one of two Skirmisher units PanOceania gets access to. Being a TO Camo infiltrator, the Croc Men helps to score objectives or play board control with his mines so the Hyperpower can win the day.

Croc Men Profile.png

Offensive Tools

Being one of PanOceania's two skirmishers, Croc Man backs it up with sporting an X-Visor across all profiles. At a respectable BS 12, he is going to be able to engage most Non-MSV units with ease. While most of the profiles sport a Combi-rifle, the combi-rifle in this case can be used with 0 in its 16-32 and -3 outside of this (not accounting for cover bonuses and other factors). The Boarding Shotgun can also be great in clearing up a large group of enemies if used right.

Being that he comes with Infiltration, he is good at getting at a close range without any problem. This can be used to surgically remove any threats or go up to the objective without fear of being shot. Though without any kind of heavy weaponry, Croc Man is limited to being your specialist infiltrator or moping up their order generators.

Defensive Tools

The main defensive tools at the Croc Man's disposal is its TO Camo and Mines. The TO Camo itself can protect him by not only his -6 to BS attacks against him, but also Hidden Deployment to hide him. Outside of TO Camo, the Croc Man has no BTS and only one ARM to defend himself.

This said, all his profiles come with mines, so the Croc Man can hold a position from the enemy or lock down a specific choke point. Another use for him is to surprise use him as a MSR platform after you use him in surprise shot. While this tactic can be questionable due to its infiltration role, it can pay off against armies that lack MSV and force them to deal with the Croc Man.

Special Tricks

+Being that he is an TO Camo Infiltrator, his main trick is being able to get up half way up the board while hiding in plain sight from your enemy. While experience players are going to expect this and may have sensors, it does give you the advantage of being able to score the objective rather quickly when needed (in the right conditions).

+If you are expecting your opponent to run any kind of access to sensor, do not deploy your Croc Man very close to the objective. While it may have the Croc man spend the extra order or so moving up to interact, you can catch your opponent off-guard and make him waste his orders.

+As mentioned in the Defensive Capabilities section, he does access to the MSR. He can play the TO Camo Sniper at some unexpected angles, which can catch your opponent off-guard. This said, this tactic is a little harder to do so it is not recommended if it is your first time using him.


Fighting against the Croc Man can be difficult at first. Since he can start off the board and has massive modifiers due in part with TO camo, a straight-up firefight is difficult with them. There are two primary ways deal with Croc Man. The first is trying to get him out of the open. While it does not directly get rid of his modifiers or kill him outright, doing this can put your opponent's Croc Man in a bad position. This tactic is often used with some type of sensor (especially if they are in hidden deployment). The second it finally getting rid of his TO and removing him as a threat. Usually, this is easy for an army with some form of access to MSV 2+. However, not every army is going to come equipped with this. The other option is using fire ammunition (such as from flamethrowers). Even if the Croc Man survives the template, his TO Camo will be burnt and loses his modifiers.

Outside of TO camo, the only other main trick Croc Man bring is Antipersonnel Mines. Depending if he set up some from the last turn, it would be good to have a minesweeper to take control (though usually not recommended). The other is running up a cheap and expendable, or a survivable, trooper to detonate the mines and then go deal with the Croc Man. Outside of this, the Croc Man's nonexistent BTS and low ARM means he is going to die to most things if left exposed.

List Composition

Being that this is one of your few marker state infiltrators, both of them should be specialists if at all possible. While this can be a mix of an AHD unit and Forward Observer, your best bet is to have two Forward Observers in the same list. With the Forward Observer, you can place down both mines and deployable repeaters to lock down the objective after securing it with the Croc Man.

That said, there can be a case for a non-specialist Croc Man option. The boarding shotgun loadout can be used to clear out link teams, while the MSR can be an unexpected ARO piece as mentioned before. Minelayer can be an option, but that means Croc Man will lose out on its hidden deployment. Most missions, however, you want to have your Croc Man be able score objectives.


Being an infiltration unit, it makes sense to get them half-way up the table. While it might be natural to get them close to the objective, put some distance between themselves and the objectives. An experienced player will probably assume that you have your Croc man close to the objective. From in which he can use his sensor units to start discovering your Croc Man with ease. This said you want them in a position to start laying down mines after scoring the objective. In the case of the MSR Croc Man, you want to have some distance away to get the most out of the snipers range.

Active Turn Role

In the active turn, the Croc man is going out to press buttons and then potentially lay mines down to protect it. If needed, you can use him to clear out the opponent's specialists to prevent him from scoring in the next turn if they are nearby. With X-visor, his combi-rifle can certainly be used at longer range against their specialists if needed. After scoring the objective, he then wants to lay down mines and go back into TO Camo marker state is possible.

ARO Options

Unless you are running the MSR option, Croc Man should be out of sight and back in TO camo marker state if possible. If needed, he can exchange close range ARO fire in his Boarding Shotgun loadout. If you are taking one of his combi-rifle loadouts, he can become a strong suppression fire piece to hold down a position.