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Probably the most useful line troop on Nomads. Technically a warband they should be considered more relatable to Alguaciles than Morlocks. The basic chain rifle Jaguar provides a lot over a typical cheerleader and should be a first buy for competitive players. They are a major Nomads advantage over most factions.

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Offensive Tools

Defensive Tools

1 ARM and 0 BTS give them very basic defenses although an enhanced 13 PH helps a lot. Unlike no wound incapacitation dogged does not aid in preserving the Jaguar and is more of an offensive or ARO skill.

The primary way to preserve a Jaguar is through smoke grenades. Adding a positive range modifier to the already high 13 PH gives Jaguars a much higher than average chance of surviving. Smoke also ignores visual modifiers other than surprise shot. The +1 B even just from a Haris makes beating this defensive smoke throw difficult if they cannot use MSV2 to bypass the smoke.

Special Tricks


List Composition

The most common Jaguar is the chain rifle, an order and DZ defender. You can place these in either combat group and it goes with any list.

The light shotgun can not make use of its advantages if it has too few orders. If you want one in the second group you should probably just use a chain rifle.

The panzerfaust profile is usually lost early on and does not need orders. Putting it in the second combat group prevents losing the order in the main group. However with dogged you are guaranteed an open slot in CG1 when it goes down. If you have a plan that includes swapping a troop in to CG1 such as with Hellcats or Taskmasters a Jaguar panzerfaust can be helpful to ensure the slot when you want it.

The fireteam core takes up half of the combat group. You basically always want them in combat group 1 unless you are planning a lot of orders. Be careful about using them too aggressively, if they are taken down early on your order pool can be cut short too quickly.

You can get creative with which Jaguars you take but you want at least one chain rifle to ensure you can force free hits at close range to protect the fireteam.

After the core you want to be sure to have methods for enabling them:

  • An Intruder HMG or MSR is a must to ensure your smoke doesn't work against you as well as clearing long ranged AROs that threaten the Jaguars.
    • While the fireteam can use smoke to get around AROs killing them (especially with CG2) is both more efficient and has a long term affect on the opponent instead of leaving their troop alive.
  • Moran with crazy koalas or Tomcats with a Zondcat can be effective in clearing deployables like mines and koalas.
  • A Moran can provide a safe flank for your Jaguars preventing AD or TO counter attacks.
  • Hellcats or Tomcats can drop on subsequent turns to free Jaguars from being pinned or to make use of openings they create.
    • Bandits can also do this but since you must deploy them during deployment you need to predict where you will need them.

The fireteam Haris usually wants to be in combat group 1 in order to traverse the table. In CG2 they can still be used as a utility fireteam, making use of their functions other than deep strike combat. You probably want at least one Jaguar chain rifle to protect the fireteam. Otherwise much of the same list comp can be helpful but less required because they are only three troops.


Active Turn Role

ARO Options