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The clockmaker is the default engineer for nomads and it's a very good option. At WIP 15 he's a good investment for 18 points.

Clockmakers Profile.png

Offensive Tools

D-charges in CC: not a fantastic choice, because of the modifier to your CC, but they do hit hard when you win the roll. Immobilize the target first for better odds at success. Run into CC with your servant bot for burst 2.

Combi rifle can enter suppressive fire.

Defensive Tools

Arm 1: normal light infantry armor.

BTS 3: pretty decent.

Special Tricks

D-charges: can be planted and detonated to accomplish classified objectives

Remove isolation or immobilization (1 & 2), burnt, and disabled from friendly troopers. This is especially useful in a mission like hunting party

Deactivator: deactivates D-charges and other deployable weapons. It is a ranged weapon that uses normal WIP. It is a short skill, don't use it against mines within 8"! It is a BS attack so can be combined with discover + BS attack against mines. It has better target numbers than shooting the mine with a combi. Remember, if your opponent has planted, but not detonated his D-charges they can also be deactivated!

Repair things with structure. If they have remote presence (such as REM) you can reroll failures by spending a command token.


Shoot him, he dies fairly easily. If you opponent has deployed him too close to the REM/TAG shoot the softest available target with a template weapon and catch the other one in the blast. Finish off targets with STR.

List Composition

If you have 3 points available include servant Zondbot. Especially if you're running more than 1 model with structure. Remember that if you do this he can't be part of a coordinated order.


Usually out of sight close to your remote/TAG. If said remote/TAG is on a building being prone is usually a good choice. Stay outside of blast template range. If you can be within 2" so you can move prone into B2B in a single short skill, however this puts you withing blast template range. The same recommendations go for the helper Zondbot, with the only difference that it can't go prone.

Active Turn Role

Early on in the game his primary role will be to repair things. Later on in the game he may need to move up to (re)capture objectives.

ARO Options

Combi suppressive fire is the best option you have.