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The Clausewitz Uhlans (Or Uhlan for short) is a light TAG that comes with camouflage for a reasonably low cost.

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Offensive Tools

Probably the most eye-catching part of the Uhlan's offensive arsenal is the impressive BS value of 15 combined with the HMG. Furthermore, TAGs currently all benefit from Fatality L1 which means that all their BS weapons gain +1 damage, and therefore the Uhlan's HMG packs a huge damage value of 16. This allows the Uhlan to prey successfully on most targets.

Alongside the HMG the Uhlan features a Feuerbach. This is an interesting weapon which is not featured on many troops, and has a few advantages over a conventional HMG. For starters the Feuerbach has a +0 rangeband from 32" to 48", whereas an HMG is at -3. This enables the Uhlan to attempt longer shots that other platforms my struggle with. Secondly, the Feuerbach packs a burst 2 mode with AP+DA ammunition. Against more heavily armoured targets, such as other TAGs, the Feuerbach will often outperform the HMG due to the AP ammunition. Whilst it's true the HMG has more shots and is therefore a less risky weapon for face-to-face rolls, the AP ammunition on the Feuerbach can potentially be knocking 3 or 4 armour off the toughest targets, and this makes you significantly more likely to push damage through.

In terms of offensive skills and abilities besides weapons, the Uhlan offers 6-4 movement and camouflage. 6-4 movement is a huge plus because it enables the Uhlan to quickly and efficiently engage targets and then hide away back in your deployment zone, without expending a significant number of orders. It also allows you to reach pockets of the board that the opponent may, mistakenly, have thought were safe. A high movement value really is a significant asset on a weapons platform because it allows you to threaten more troops with fewer orders.

Finally camouflage. There are a lot of advantages to camouflage for a TAG. Firstly it grants you the Stealth ability which means you can move through opposing troops' zones of control without provoking AROs if you avoid being seen directly. This goes for hacking too - particularly with regards to repeaters. Stealth can be a game-winning ability because it allows the Uhlan to casually walk through repeater networks and not be hacked, unless the enemy hacker directly sees you. Camouflage also offers you the marker state which keeps the Uhlan relatively safe as it approaches its target, and once it does open fire for the first time it allows you to use surprise shot, which forces a -3 on the opponent. This means that in a best case scenario, stacking surprise shot and camouflage, you're rolling on 18s whilst your opponent is at -6 to hit at least.

Defensive Tools

The Uhlan is a light TAG, which means it only has an ARM value of 6. In cover you will have an ARM value of 9 which allows you to save against HMG shots on a roll of 7+, which is respectable. However, sustained fire will take the TAG down eventually, if it's left exposed. Having said this 3 structure with the Remote Presence skill is another good selling point from a defensive perspective because it means that you'll need to fail three saves before you go unconscious, and then, due to Remote Presence granting two levels of unconscious, it will take two more failures to die properly. Remote Presence is a fantastic defensive skill if you have an engineer in your list because it just keeps the Uhlan alive that little bit longer.

Probably the best defensive skill for the Uhlan is the marker state granted by camouflage. Why risk being shot at all when you can remove yourself from the table? Camouflage really is a potent skill because the marker state allows you to both push up the field without attracting too much fire, and also hide yourself away at the end of a turn.

When retaliating to fire the Feuerbach is a fantastic weapon. The burst 1 mode with explosive ammunition packs more punch than a Missile Launcher due to the Uhlan benefitting from +1 damage due to Fatality L1. It also has very kind range-bands, given that its only -3 modifier is from 0-8", and therefore the Uhlan will almost always be making shots at a reasonable BS. The HMG is also worth baring in mind due to its suppressive fire ability, which stack nicely with modifiers from cover and camouflage, to give opposing troops a very difficult time dislodging this TAG. It's probably not as good as being in a marker state and therefore almost completely untargetable, but it's still very good.

One thing to remember is that despite the Uhlan's PH value looking decent at 15, TAGs get -6 to dodge rolls, taking it down to a 9 when it really matters.

Special Tricks

  • Utilise Stealth to move through hacking areas without opening yourself up to a nasty hacking attack. As long as you're not directly seen, you cannot be targeted.
  • Leaving a decent ARO piece within line of fire of a camouflaged Uhlan can give opponents something to think about if they want to kill your TAG. The opponent's best option is to declare discover and shoot. However they have to declare how they split the burst of their attack before they know whether they pass the discover roll or not - so it's possible they assign burst onto the Uhlan which they then fail to discover! Worst case scenario for you is that they pass the discover, but still split their burst. The best case scenario is that they fail the discover roll and some (or all!) of their shots are wasted.


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