Carlota Kowalsky, Tomcats Sergeant

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Carlota is the character Tomcat. She is 8pts more expensive than the Tomcat engineer. For the additional cost, you get +1CC, +1BS, +1WIP, +1ARM and an adhesive launcher. You can take her with Moriarty, her zondcat, for an additional 4pts (which is the same cost as for a normal zondcat). Moriarty has the normal zondcat profile but has BTS 6 instead of 3.

Carlota Kowalsky, Tomcats Sergeant Profile.png

Offensive Tools

She's a pretty good shooter at BS13.

Combi rifle: standard weapon. With AD you should always be in good range.

Light flamethrower: come around the corner and light a linked team on fire.

Adhesive launcher: Shoot people in the back with this!

Climbing plus: allows her access to those troops your opponent is hiding on buildings.

Defensive Tools

ARM 2, BTS 0: decent armor for a LI drop troop.

PH 11: average.

Special Tricks

The combination of a burst weapon with a template weapon can force your opponent into making some poor decisions, if they dodge, fire the combi, if they shoot, lay down the template. Given that they can show up in unexpected places you might even get to catch a trooper in a marker state under the template while targeting someone else

Moriarty: This is particularly useful if you expect to push a button on one side of the table and engineer something on the other side. Remember that Moriarty doesn't have climbing plus!

This is one of the best profiles in hunting party! Hold her back till turn 3 and unglue all of your LT's/specialists.

She is capable of doing all of the engineering classified objectives.


Airborne infiltration only allows them to walk on the side of the board: Have ARO's watching the side of the board, especially close to your deployment zone. If this is impossible due to terrain, deploy troops >8.25" away from the corner that the AD troop will walk around and set up ARO's on that corner. Do not bunch your troops together. Mines Perimeter weapons like crazykoalas, mad traps

List Composition

Very often the trade-off that needs to be considered Carlota vs a tomcat engineer + 8 points spent on a transductor or Salyut bagage remote. How that shakes out depends on the mission, your intended use for the model and the amount of orders you're considering taking. Arguments to tip this decision towards Carlota: 1. You're designing a 10 order list. 2. Your intended use to bring her on during the last turn to grab objectives (the higher WIP increasing her chances of success with limited resource availability). 3. You're only planning on running a single AD troop. 4. You're playing hunting party and want the adhesive launcher (in this case also consider the hellcat, because he'll have two!)


Do not walk them in while taking ARO's, the only potential acceptable risk may be a flash pulse, but even that will render them mostly useless for that turn.

Timing is critical depending on what you want to accomplish. Turn 1: for alphastrike purposes or to capture objectives in missions like supplies or rescue when your opponent has turtled up a little too hard (no ARO presence) Turn 2: The advantage is that they'll provide an order in turn 3 if they survive. Typically by now, your opponent has advanced some pieces and there might be gaps in their ARO coverage of the side of the board which allows you to come in. Sometimes they'll have advanced some troops up the board which allows you to shoot someone in the back if they're facing forward. Turn 3: recommended use is to bring them in to take back objectives from your opponent, they might win you the game! The downside: Usually by now some of your own troops will have died, potentially depriving your AD troop of orders.

Active Turn Role

Covered above

ARO Options

The light flamethrower is a great ARO option. At the end of your active turn leave her somewhere where all LOF is really short to force your opponent to take that risk

If you have an order left, put her in suppressive fire.

When taking single shot ARO's outside of flamer range use the adhesive launcher instead of the combi rifle. If you win the exchange, the odds of your opponent passing the PH-6 roll are almost always worse than passing an armor save against damage 13.