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An addition from the TAG-Line chapter of the Infinity Tournament System Bit & KISS! are the second human addition to the Combined Army. With access to weapons and equipment found nowhere else in the combined army, Bit & Kiss bring tools that can help almost any Combined Army force and are available in every one of its Sectorial Armies.

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Offensive Tools

Bit has a Submachine Gun + Pitcher, pistol, knife, EI Killer Hacking Device, and her Synchronized remote Kiss! The SMG limits her to close range combat, but is a fine weapon at 16" or less. More deadly by far is her EI Killer Hacking Device. It has an upgrade of Expel allowing it to deal with manned TAGs and her Pitcher, Deploy-able Repeater (with minelayer), and a Repeater on Kiss! mean she has a very wide hacking area.

Defensive Tools

Bit has poor defensive stats and should be kept out of line of fire whenever possible. When attacked through the cloud she is far better off having a BTS of 6 to help her when her Killer Hacking Device should fail.

Kiss! can also act as a defensive guardian by being deployed along enemy approaches so that they have to spend orders going through him first. This can be particularly useful if the only way to access Bit is a narrow door, ladder, or stair since Kiss! will block movement and take an extra unconscious state to remove.

Special Tricks

Use Bit's many repeaters to keep your own hackers safe by extending their reach or killing enemy hackers.

A Hidden Deployment hacker such as a Malignos or Anathematic loves to have access to Bit's repeater network. When an enemy goes to kill her in their active turn, they will ARO from off board AND Bit still gets her own deadly attack which can catch some opponents off guard.

Kiss! can be used to engage enemy models and prevent their advance.

As a desperate tactic, it is possible to get both Bit and Kiss! into CC on the active turn, Kiss! can Electric Pulse while Bit uses a CC attack. If the enemy chooses to strike Bit, they will likely kill her, but will suffer an automatic IMM 2 state from Kiss! Electric Pulse. Attacking Kiss! means Bit can strike for free and might take out lower resilience troopers.


It is important to know how valuable Bit & Kiss are to your opponents list. If they have an EVO hacking device and other hackers on the board then she is a high priority target because she is acting to increase their area of influence and as a deterrent for enemy hackers. If she is the only hacker in the force she may be less important to the enemy and can be killed as able.

Kiss is easiest to remove with a long ranged ARO. The Combined player has an incentive to move her up and place repeaters on the board. If you can judge her intended route and surprise her with a TO or camouflage shot, she will go down hard. Other than this, Kiss is not a hard target so long as you refrain from using BTS targeting weapons. A special note on Kiss! he is expendable and has an ADHL. Giving him an ARO on a high value model is a bad idea.

Bit is deadly to enemy hackers so engaging her through the cloud is not recommended. Though her WIP is only 13, her high BTS stat means she is more resilient than most hackers and she has access to deadly hacking programs. If you must take her out with hacking programs it is best to do so from Surprise to stack modifiers in your favor.

List Composition

Bit & Kiss! are great as a lone hacker in most Combined Forces because of the cheap access to a hacking device. They also will benefit a force with many hackers by increasing their hackable area and counter punching enemy killer hackers which are usually a threat to the Combined.


The Minelayer rule along with a Deployable Repeater means that Bit starts with a Repeater within her zone of control. This can let her defend your hackable targets, or extend the hacking area of a EVO or EI Hacking Device model to let them help your REM or HI models, or even place White Noise in a larger area.

Unless getting her up board or getting a pitcher to a certain part of the board is critical to your plans, keep her safe from enemy fire where it will take as many orders as possible to get in her face. Prone on a second interior floor would be great. Kiss! can be used as an ARO piece but his low BS means you want to limit his LoF to short corridors. Despite his unique weapon load out Kiss! is probably best used to extend hacking area with his Repeater or to stand along an approach to Bit to make the enemy remove him before the can get Line of Fire to her.

Active Turn Role

Bit & Kiss! can move up the board and capture objectives but their better use is to wait until they have a clear line of fire and then aggressively remove enemy Hackers. They can be used as a good anti-TAG weapon as well by expelling a pilot then using an ADHL on the empty TAG. Bit can also work to extend the reach of other hackers to allow them to slow enemy model during the Inactive Turn.

ARO Options

Outside of the Cloud Bit's best ARO will often be to Dodge. She can be placed in Suppressing Fire state but her value to the force means this is often not the best play. Against hackers or Manned TAGs her uses are more clear: killing them or ejecting their pilots. While she doesn't work against REM or HI models herself, she can increase the range of your other hackers allowing them to ARO and slow the enemy advance.

Kiss! will look to use his adhesive launcher most of the time because of the penalty to Dodge faced by REM troopers. That said, he may end up dodging anyway because he has to perform the same ARO as Bit. However, the fact that you don't need Kiss! can leave him free to ARO discover or take a poor shot against a high value target.