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Offensive Tools

The Uberfallkommando is a tight knit group of 3 G:Sync close combat monsters, the Pupniks, paired with the equally deadly and highly unnatural Chimera. While the Pupniks lack any intrinsic ranged capabilities, the Chimera is equipped with a combi-rifle, nanopulsar, and zero-v eclipse grenades. The Uberfallkommando excel at finding an exploitable flank and springing through it at surprising speed. With smart order use the crew often negates most of the conventional ARO assets and finds themselves in the enemy deployment very quickly.

Defensive Tools

The Uberfallkommandos lack any note-able intrinsic armor and their impetuousness requires careful consideration if you're to preserve them. The Uberfallkommando's greatest strength however lies in their high PH values coupled with the Pupnik's hyperdynamics lv:2. In most cases they are dodging on 19 making any attempt to kill them directly difficult. The Chimera is somewhat easier to kill as she lacks the ability to dodge in the same manner and great care should be taken to prevent AROs from engaging her. However in the event she is under the sights, she can Dodge:Smoke fairly effectively and the Eclipse grenades negates all MSV. Concern should be taken however in that the Dodge:Smoke might be able to preserve the Chimera from harm but since G:Sync requires the same ARO this often means the Pupniks take the hits on normal rolls.

Be aware that some mileage can be gained from Total Immunity and the Chimera's lack of a wounds trait (she has structure).

Special Tricks

The Uberfall have 3 great functions, all of which require careful use to see maximum effect.

In their most effective, they can act as a "furry cruise missile" rocketing into the enemy deployment. As such, the Uberfall, like most impetuous monsters, will likely die. Consider this and don't invest too much in preserving them. It's best to prioritize the Uberfall against a single weak link team or enemy TAG and let them loose on the suicide mission. Estimate how many orders its going to take to accomplish the objective, budget, and preserve the rest of the orders for the rest of the list. The Chimera will soak up the whole order pool, if not half of it, and quite possibly die accomplishing nothing. However there are ways to preserve them to the target. Since there is no benefit to cover for the Uberfallkommandos due to impetuousness, consider making them go prone if you have an extra order. Alternatively, try to group up the Pupniks around the Chimera like a shield in the active turn. Even without cover, the Pupniks should block LOS to the Chimera allowing the Pupniks to dodge and soak a non-template shot. It's not a bad way to occupy an objective or get "cover" in the open. If presented with no good dodge option, the Chimera has a nanopulsar. Use it.

The Chimera isn't a bad smoke deployer. While she's not on par with most other factions, the Chimera has Eclipse smoke grenades, and is above par for most of the Bakunin sectorial. Forget that the Chimera and crew are close combat monsters and don't invest in them as a killing machine. Just think of it as Zero-V smoke thrower and go harass midfield light infantry.

The Pupniks are very capable at uncovering camo and impersonation markers. If necessary, the Uberfall function well in the back field chasing down aggressive Active Deployment, Camo, and Impersonator models. Remember, each Pupnik gets its own discovery roll.


Force the Uberfallkommandos to chase down a worthless model. An impetuous warband model careening into the center field has a habit of making the Chimera into an ARO she'd likely have avoided otherwise.

When shooting the Uberfallkommandos; ignore the Pupniks. Shoot the Chimera. Force the Chimera to choose between laying smoke (protect herself) and dodging (protecting the Pupniks). Flame throwers and other direct templates aren't very effectual given their high dodge. Focus on shotguns and try to catch the Chimera indirectly- particularly if she elected to use the Pupniks as a "shield".

Be wary that the Pupniks have a hefty 3" engage range.

List Composition

The Uberfallkommandos benefit from a list that can afford to feed them orders on the first turn. Consider some cheerleaders to power them or tune your strategy around feeding them most of the orders on the first turn before switching off to your "A-Team" in the second turn.


Careful consideration needs to be given on any board to avoid early AROs. This is so paramount that it's easily advisable to use the Uberfallkommandos as your reserved model.

When placing the Uberfall remember you have climbing plus and that will significantly effect your impetuous route. Consider placing the Chimera prone and far enough away from terrain that she won't climb or otherwise get herself killed.

Look for an alley and try to guide them up that lane. Once on the enemy side, go nuts.

Active Turn Role

Smoke deployment, one way murder machine, or light infantry harassment; in her active turn the Chimera should be closing with and leveraging her value against the rest of the list by either stripping orders from the enemy directly through actual kills or by forcing order usage to hunt her down.

If left unchecked, the Uberfall tends to make a mess of cheer leaders and lone models.

ARO Options

The Chimera is often left with either dodging with her Pupniks or throwing smoke to defend herself (and possibly the Pupniks in future orders). However, when it hits the fan proper the Chimera has a Nanopulsar which should always be considered if it looks the least bit unlikely that she is going to survive whatever came around the corner.