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Offensive Tools

This is the PanO MI everyone wishes they had. Also means you're either you're in vanilla or ASA. In vanilla, they're cheap enough to trade, and good enough to get your rambo on. Their MSR MSV1 Sniper also basically gets free minelayer which makes him a solid solo unit that can also go active turn hunting. The MI buff means they get the extra 4" of deployment to help them either find great overwatch points or get into an optimal starting position.

That said, to get their moneys worth these guys should probably be your offense.

Always consider using some mines offensively while you're at it. Especially at corners where you can place them then come around a corner forcing an unopposed hit or versus clusters of infantry.

Also: make sure you're stacking the deck, they might be an amazing bargain, but at only 2 points of armor, you very much are accepting both sides of the deal. They will die and die quickly, whilst being vulnerable to all the other stuff 1 wound models are. PanO HIs can reliably win multiple gunfights at once. BM can, but remember Crits kill and you only have one failed roll of the dice before you're down. So massacre cheerleaders as you will, but make sure you're in the right range band with everything in your favor and only one target when you use these in earnest.

-ASA- Here's where these bad boys shine, you could go pure Bagh Mari for a potent train that can be busy mining it up on ARO and watching all the angles. In this version you might even want to think about grabbing Lt Rao so you can leave a sniper up as a defensive piece and still have full bonus when he dies.

OR alternatively, you can do what everyone else will and take 1-2 backed by Regulars and enjoy the buffs and ultra cheap specialist option w better-than-PanO WP. Worth noting these can still benefit a LOT from that 'sniper plus HMG' combo especially since a Regular is way cheaper than Rao.

This approach also opens up their Haris option which you can use to move up the Mechanist to support either one of the 2 solid TAG options or the amazing PanO bots which are giving you an alternative hitting piece OR solid midfield control.

You're also not paying the full HI point tax on your SWC, so while squishy, you can very easily take 3 HMG/MSRs, or 2 and a TAG. Use this to leverage a massive amount of B3/5 with great mod game.

Defensive Tools

Special Tricks


List Composition


Active Turn Role

ARO Options