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Auxilia are line troops accompanied by a G:Synched companion remote armed with a heavy flamethrower. The disposable remotes typically serve as area denial tools.

Auxilia Profile.png

Offensive Tools

At first glance the Auxilias are just a bad version of the fusiliers. Lower BS at 11 is terrible considering that a BS of 12 is a given thing to PanO. However for just 4 more points than a fusilier you get an auxbot with a heavy flame thrower. This is exceptional as you have two amazing options. First you can hide your Auxilia behind total cover and just send the bot to do the job. You dont risk losing an order and you have the chance to deal with multiple models at ones especially dangerous to fireteams and camo markers caught in the flame area. Second option is to go all in with the auxilia and the bot at the same target. Your opponent has to choose to either shoot you back and get a free hit on him in the process or to dodge in case of which he still has a pretty good chance of getting hit and you risk nothing on your side. NCA has a total availability of auxilias which can make some funny list with a ton of them covering multiple lines. Two however is more than enough to make you opponent work harder to advance or to be more careful in positioning. All in all not the best unit for offense, that still has some viable options if it needs to carry the job.

Defensive Tools

Not much to say here as Auxilia doesnt have any defensive capabilities except for the protection of her auxbot. Low BS, low CC and terrible PH stats makes it an easy prey for almost anybody.

Special Tricks

Not much special tricks as the unit lacks special equipment. Taking specialist profiles can be proven worthy if you can coordinate them towards the objectives. While Auxilia holds the objective in some missions the bot can watch for her so that can be a game changer especially at the last round where orders are scarce. Total availability in NCA is something you can build a list around using multiple of those which can be fun or worthy in some of the missions.


Obviously the threat about Auxilia is her auxbot. By getting Auxilia in a null state the bot goes absolutely useless so that is something to look for and considering that the controller is rather easy target this shouldnt be a problem. Hacking the bot is also an option to get it in immobilized state.

List Composition

Obviously NCA will be the sectorial that benefits of the Auxilia as it has Total availability there. You can try take as many as you like and come up with some fun lists but in general taking two(2) is more than enough.


Clever deployment is the key to a successful Auxilia play. Covering the sides of the map with the auxbot while Auxilia herself is hidden is mandatory against AD and Rambo lists. Covering the main lanes with the same tactic is also very good against infiltrators or heavy offense lists. Depending on mission you can deploy for and easy objective scoring while keeping some defensive capabilities with the bot.

Active Turn Role

In the active turn Auxilias are most noted for being able to get a specialist profile so they can achieve objectives. Coordinate them towards the objectives and you will have a wonderful control over the map.Keep in mind that the auxbots are not affected by the coordinated order so care not to lose coherency. Another use of them in the active turn is for hunting camo units that are out of marker state or to bring down link teams all with the help of the auxbot flamethrower as it ignores the camo mod and it has a template area effect.

ARO Options

The ARO capabilities of the Auxilia are legendary. Clever deployment can make a nightmare for any infiltrating or Advanced Deployment unit trying to get behind enemy lines. The auxbot is watching the side of the field while auxilia is hidden so she can take over if the bot fails to deliver a kill on the infiltrator or if you took her as a specialist and want to save her for objectives later. That means that two of them can cover the two sides and you can have a good wall against most AD units.As most of those units are a single wound models a heavy flamethrower with a free hit can be devastating. The Auxilia herself can also enter Suppressive Fire so you further boost her defense but a BS of 11 is not something to count on. Close Combat stats are terrible so you better deal with the threat before you get engaged or its pretty much over but for 14 points you get what you paid for and even more.

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