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Lupe "the mother of dragons" Balboa is the dire foes character for Nomads. She can be used in vanilla Nomads and Corregidor. She can join Alguacil fireteams in Corregidor.

Alguacil Vortex Lupe Balboa Profile.png

Offensive Tools

BS 12 is decent for a toolbox profile like Lupe.

Combi rifle, can enter suppressive fire

Nanopulser: target low BTS models

A panzerfaust, don't recommend using it in the active turn unless you're shooting at really heavily armored pieces or if you shoot someone in suppressive fire outside of 24".

Defensive Tools

ARM 2, BTS 3 is pretty good for light infantry

Smoke grenades: Throw smoke when you don't mind blocking line of fire, or when you have an Intruder watching the same firelane.

Mimetism gives her a little extra survivability.

V:Dogged keeps her going to provide extra ARO's or when you suffer a crit while on the offense

Special Tricks

She is a specialist operative so she can grab and hold objectives in most missions

Her smoke grenades allow her to synergize with intruders and strategically block off fire lanes

The combination of a burst weapon with a template weapon can force your opponent into making some poor decisions, if they dodge, fire the combi, if they shoot, lay down the template, especially against troops with low BTS.


Shock ammunition: will bypass dogged and send her straight to dead.

MSV 1/2/3 negate her mimetism.

MSV 2 & 3 ignore the smoke as well.

List Composition

In Corregidor, she works well in both offensive and defensive Alguacil fireteams.

For the offensive team, add forward observer(s), combi rifle(s), paramedic or HMG.

For the defensive team add, hacker, forward observe, misssile launcher and/or sniper rifle


Corregidor: I leave her out as an ARO piece in a firelane, 0-16 shoot with the combi, 16-32 shoot with the panzerfaust. Recommend not exposing her to return fire from outside of 32. When you want the firelane blocked, throw smoke.

In vanilla: hide her, without the linked team bonus the panzerfaust isn't that scary

Active Turn Role

Lupe excels as a link leader for a mobile alguacil fireteam, at BS12, arm 2 she's just a little better than the regular alguacils in the active turn. When moving she can throw smoke to allow the team to move closer into better range bands for their weapons or to avoid really nasty ARO pieces.

In vanilla, she'll be running forward grabbing objectives. She's good to include in a coordinated order to move your troops up the field and/or put them in suppressive fire. You'll have to be a lot more careful about choosing your engagements without a link team backing you up.

ARO Options

A burst 2 panzerfaust will scare your opponent

If you don't mind the lane blocked, throw smoke (B2 on 14s in a link team -within 8")

If she's not part of a link team, put her in suppresive fire in the midfield to defend the objective she has just captured.