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The Ímetron is a piece of equipment that grants an additional order and acts as a vessel for troops with G: Mnemonica. It always deploys by AD Combat Jump during the Deployment phase and cannot ARO or Attack in any way.

Ímetron Profile.png

Offensive Tools

None. This unit is Equipment, not a trooper, and cannot use orders or make attacks.

Defensive Tools

Armor of 0 and BTS 3 means they are very vulnerable. As they are Equipment this unit is not a trooper, and cannot use AROs and are removed after taking a single wound.

Special Tricks

Placing a Imetron in an area that you expect enemies to AD: Combat Jump into will prevent their landing zone.


These are free orders for your enemy and free kills for you. Be sure to take them out whenever you can even if it means splitting burst. Each one removed is one less order that your foe can access.

List Composition

Imetrons are a good option if you are low on points and need more orders (which is true of most Combined Army lists). Consider carefully though which combat group they are place in since they cannot be moved during the game like normal troopers.


You must deploy Imetrons via the AD: Combat Jump rule during the deployment phase. It cannot benefit from EVO repeaters, Terrain, or Scenario rules that help Combat Jump and if the scatter off the table they are destroyed. Because of this the safest bet is always to place them at least 17" from any table edge, but if you like to live dangerously there may be better places in your deployment zone. Always try to put them where they have total cover to the enemy and ideally where a foe cannot shoot at more than one of them in an order.

Active Turn Role

This model is Equipment and cannot spend orders.

ARO Options

This model is Equipment and cannot use ARO, though one can assume they are lecturing the enemy harshly on their poor life choices.